Best Fairly OddParents Episodes Ever

For 16 years an average kid that no one understands gave us some magical memories parents episodes what can I do for you amazing for this list we're looking at the most hilarious Iconic and beloved episodes in this long-running animated Nickelodeon series 

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes Ever

1. The Wishology Trilogy

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes Ever

After spending an afternoon pretending to be the chosen one of different movie franchises Timmy receives a prophecy that he will save everyone you tell me because the chosen one is what follows is a massive three-part special that's so good we couldn't just pick one part Timmy fights an ancient evil known as the darkness and its an army of robotic eliminators with quick-thinking compassion and help from the rock band Kiss is never over.

Along the way, he teams up with his funniest friends and worst foes and Timmy's adventure manages to parody so many movie trilogies and franchises that we'd be here all day if we listed them.

The Wishology trilogy is ultimately a magical combination of the series three best elements colorful characters hilarious jokes and a ton of heart.

2. The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes

The fairy obsessed Denzel Crocker is at his meanest and most vicious on March 15 never seen Crocker use rabid dogs before Timmy tries to figure out why by traveling back into his enemy's past after a few hilarious false starts Timmy discovers a shocking truth Denzel used to have Cosmo and Wanda as his fairy godparents I don't know how I'd be able to bear it if it weren't for you two this episode's twist was a shocking and brilliant way to complicate Timmy and Crocker's relationship we also end up feeling bad for the creepy teacher hopefully this episode taught fans about the dangers of being fixated on something so unhealthy that it ruins the rest of your life celebrating anything so we must be an angry mob but even if they completely miss the message this special was still a great and hilarious adventure that deep into the lore of the series before we unveil our top Fairly OddParents episode here are a few honorable mentions fairly odd baby you the big superhero wish Fairey idol the good old days.

3. Christmas Everyday

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes

Every Christmas Timmy's neglectful parents stay home and enjoy presents and eggnog with their son Christmas after singing a joyous holiday song

Timmy decides to make it so that Christmas happens every day but after his wish drives the world crazy and gets his fairies kidnapped Timmy unites with kids across the world to make things right this episode introduces a host of fun magical characters while poking fun at Christmas cliches but underneath the ridiculous fight scenes and songs the episode constantly reminds us about the importance of family 

Although we also loved the spooky and spectacular scary godparents Halloween special the Christmas episode delivered more than enough to earn its place on our list.

4. Channel Chasers

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes

Channel chasers feature a dystopian future where older Viki rules with a magical remote let's get televised

In the present, an immature Timmy literally jumps into television with a magical remote to get away from his problems after inserting himself in parodies of everything from scooby-doo to Batman he sees his future self older Timmy warns that Vicky can use the remote to conquer the world the to Timmy's then decide to team up to take her down.

this TV special combines time-traveling shenanigans sharp television satire and a poignant message about growing up into a fun and exciting package do you think he heard the message, if you see this hilarious and heartwarming special on TV you should not change the channel.

5. Information Superhighway

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes

A lovesick Timmy decides to ask out his crush Trixie with a romantic email you unfortunately his parents and fairies make the letter more threatening and SAP year before sending it Timmy is left with no other option but to journey inside the internet to stop the email at the same time he has to prevent Crocker from exposing his fairy godparents while some of the internet jokes are hilariously dated now the episode is a perfect parody of early 2000s technology you

The story also provided a great running gag about parents invading their kid's privacy with a battering ram although Timmy overcomes his parents meddling and Crocker Trixie rejects him you but at least you can take comfort in knowing this digital adventure was one of our favorites.

6. Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes

Long before Marvel made film crossovers look easy Nickelodeon brought two iconic characters together in the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour why is everything so doji, when Timmy forgets about his science project he teleports himself into Jimmy Neutron science lab to steal an award-winning invention after a misunderstanding Jimmy accidentally, teleports himself back to Timmy's world hands my arms why did the two protagonists cause chaos wherever they go however they both managed to make new friends who help them save the day the special manages to balance two storylines and comedy styles perfectly and while fans and critics were mixed on the blended animation styles seeing Timmy in 3d as Jimmy struggled with 2d was entertaining gives Jimmy Neutron the fact that the special got two sequels proves the crossover was a magical and intelligent idea.

7. Shiny Teeth

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes

What do you get when you combine a sadistic dentist shiny teeth and an extremely catchy song and iconic Fairly OddParents episode in shiny teeth the evil dr. bender steals pop star chip skylarks pearly whites with the help of magic tooth fairy accessories Timmy fights the

Dentist for chips teeth and hilariously over-the-top battle Dimmie gets the set of chompers back just in time for the chip to shoot the shiny teeth music video what makes me happy see those bones in my job don't have a flaw my sanity than me the song itself is a fun pop hit that still holds up 

Today it's great composition is supported by an excellent vocal performance from former NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick to this day we can't get this song or this episode out of our heads. Hasani teeth

8. The Big Problem

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes

In the big problem Timmy wishes to become an adult at first he's excited to do grown-up things like drive and stand up to bullies but in a hilarious montage Timmy learns that being an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be

You are one creepy adult we got a place for guys like you after Timmy ends up in jail he decides that he'd rather deal with childhood problems his attempts at adulting are full of clever gags and pitfalls and as the first official episode of the series the story served as a great introduction to the quirky cast of characters the big problem was followed by the thrilling video game parody episode power-mad these two stories were the perfect doubleheader to kick off the series.

9. Pipe Down

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes

Timmy grows tired of the constant yelling and noise in his life so he decides to wish all the sound away I wanted complete although people try to yell so loudly that they literally explode Timmy doesn't hear a peep he enjoys this peaceful world until a meteor threatens to destroy Dimmesdale luckily Timmy uses charades to bring the sound back and save his town this episode's fun premise is supported by an

Excellent score when the world is silent every gesture and attempt to speak is accented by a different musical instrument or sound effect the episodes lack of dialogue and unique concept made it stand out as one of the series most creative stories.

10 Timmy the Barbarian 

Best Fairly OddParents Episodes

When the unlucky fairy binky gets stuck Juergen von strangle tries to cheer him up with a magical bedtime story called Timmy the Barbarian unfortunately for Timmy the books magic forces him, Wanda and Cosmo, to live out the story while Jorgen makes it up on the bright side not only does Timmy become ridiculously swole but he gets to take down exaggerated versions of his real-life bullies the episode takes full advantage of the fairytale setting while making fun of the cliches of the genre there's also a hilarious running joke of Jurgen stopping the story just to torture Cosmo it was let the story tell itself for a little while although j├Ârgen isn't the best or most polite storyteller we thoroughly enjoyed his action-packed fairy tale.

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