The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Game Review

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Game

The game as a kid and you're getting ready to go see the brand-new SpongeBob SquarePants movie you go see it it's fantastic you love it obviously but you get a surprise on your way home your parents pick you up a game a beautiful game a Spongebob movie game, Oh heavy iron Studios coming in once again with another smashing SpongeBob game will it take you to know everything that they learn from making the battle for bikini bottom game and make a better more exciting spiritual successor to that game or will the Spongebob movie game flop I mean.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Game Review

The movie did fantastic why wouldn't the game so let's take a look at it and see what we have in store for us today you'll be joining me on an adventure through the ps2 version of the SpongeBob movie game that was released almost a month before the movie was actually officially released in theaters which I find kind of amusing that you could buy this game and then have the movie spoiled for you before it was even released the game starts off just like the movie haven't you coming to the rescue of a poor Krusty Krab patron who found his patty with no cheese how horrible how devastating one of the first things I noticed that actually made me think my game was broke was these cutscenes most of the cutscenes in the game are actually just still shots from the movie and I'm not even 100% sure that they're from the movie because they look off sometimes specifically this one with David Hasselhoff in it but that doesn't look like David Hasselhoff you okay there buddy doing alright yeah anyways some obvious changes were made to the design of this.

A game that can be seen right off the bat we now have these new collectibles the map that you can get from breaking boxes or defeating enemies making exploring and defeating enemies a more rewarding experience than it was in a battle for bikini bottom the weight collectibles you collect allow you to slowly level up so you can buy new.

Upgrades for your life and abilities as you unlock them through the game we also have goofy goober tokens instead of golden spatulas and there's also Dutchman treasure scattered around that unlocks cool concept art and bonus content the controls also aren't as spot-on as the battle for bikini bottom, I'm not sure exactly why but something just feels off about platforming it's also a bit of a bummer we can't play a sandy anymore but it wouldn't really make sense to have her in the game considering how the movie plays out after making our way through the first level we're treated with a view of naked Patrick flying through the air and then we move on to our next level goofy goobers the first thing I really noticed playing these levels is that they're all very linear in nature compared to battle for bikini bottom there aren't any real branching paths and the game has a large focus on these challenges we have the super monkey ball ripoff again which thankfully controls so much better than it did in the battle for bikini bottom there's also battle arenas and platforming challenges that really resembles Super Mario Sunshine at times there's also these guitar flying challenges that became a real pain in the butt later into the game beating these challenges you find will net you.

Goofy Goober tokens that you'll need later into the game to unlock new abilities allowing you to progress through each level one cool addition is driving levels which you get to drive the paddy wagon around of course collecting items and finally reaching the finish line that's at least until these levels get boring and they show up way too many times in the game and its really repetitive after passing our first driving level 

I play the game I jot down some notes I make some jokes that talk about the game and order of level 8 a level Z and then you know make some funnies in between but this game just feels weirdly empty and I don't know how to connect things and it's yeah.

I'm having trouble so let's talk about just my feelings overall about this game and skip over all the usual mumbo-jumbo that I do when these reviews so in general it feels like this game falls flat, not due to its own design or its gameplay but the fact it was tied to the movie leaving it with only so much content to work with which really hindered the game first off this game isn't bad the platforming levels that were designed are actually really cool and well put together and the best.

Levels are actually areas we don't really explore that much in the movie like the bottom of the trench in the junkyard area where we first meet the Cyclops they all have interesting enemies cool level designs an awesome background scenery so you may be asking what exactly is wrong with this level and it's these driving and sliding levels there are seven of them in total and to put that into perspective there are only 18 levels in this game in total seven of them being the driving and Sliding levels I just mentioned or of them being boss fights and seven of them being platforming levels meaning half of the game are these driving and sliding levels in the worst part of it all is

That all of this game is locked behind the goofy goober tokens so at multiple parts through the game you must have the right amount of goofy goober tokens to unlock a new ability which will allow you to move forward and play new levels which in itself isn't bad like this is a

The thing all collectible games do but the really awful part about this is that a huge amount of the tokens you'll need to get are locked in these seven sliding and driving levels each of these levels have four tokens to get one for beating 

It one for beating a time challenge one for driving through rings and one for beating an even harder time challenge that's seven times four so 28 tokens in general locked behind replaying each of these levels four times and to top it off a bunch of the tokens in the platforming levels are just from the challenges mentioned earlier and a lot of those challenges are just Riis kins of harder versions of the challenges you would have already played

It gets so boring and frustrating because you know there's a good game hidden behind all of this repetitive garbage and it's also obvious where they got all their inspiration from for this game like just listen to this sound effect and I mean doesn't walking around breaking boxes for collectables seem a little you know inspiration heavy as well I have a feeling that this game was rushed by the publisher and maybe Nickelodeon as well to have it set and ready to be released alongside the movie when it came out in theaters it would make sense seemed the drop in quality from battle for bikini bottom to this game overall it's fun the platforming segments are great the graphics are better and the driving and sliding levels are fun and interesting the first few times you play them but this game is for sure not worth beating 100% I barely felt inclined to beat this game just the regular story way and if you are interested in what getting 100% in this game gets you you may actually be surprised as you collect the Dutchmen treasure you unlock concept art videos and the ability to play cutscenes. 

From the game which is pretty boring but the cool part is you get different costumes for Patrick and SpongeBob as well and even some customizations for enemies and different items in the game which I actually enjoyed seeing Spongebob in a Mermaid Man suit Patrick naked or just playing as a sponge-like literal real sponge 

Was pretty funny for the actual 100% ending you get a cutscene with SpongeBob doing all his manager thing is kind of like in the end credits of the movie which is cute but not exactly worth the effort I really have to say this game was all nostalgia for me like I was expecting a lot more I remembered loving this game as a kid and I was expecting to go in and have another fantastic time but I just it just wasn't there it's upsetting but that's just how it is hopefully creature from the Krusty Krab gives me some better vibes and I'm looking forward to playing that game for the first time.

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