Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in Movies

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in Movies

Today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 bad guys gone good in movies you're a mean one Mr. Grinch you really are a here in the movies character development isn't limited to its protagonists, not today nines make amends criminals confess and even supervillains can soften with a change of heart

Prepare for your destiny for this list we're looking for those baddies who start out evil as can be but end up proving that redemption is possible however we're excluding anti-heroes as that's a list for another day

And as you may expect there will be some spoilers ahead so spoiler alert I haven't taken leave of my senses but I've come to them also don't forget to check out our list of the top 10 good guys gone bad in the film.

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in Movies

1. The t800

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in

The Terminator franchise come with me if you want to live there's really no better poster boy for change than the 180-degree shift this murderous cyborg makes between the first and second films in this iconic franchise in the original the t800 has one purpose in life to destroy Sarah Connor and by extension her future son John Sarah Connor yes but in t2 the t800 is suddenly serving as protector to the person whose birth he was trying to prevent.

He even abstains from committing fatalities at his request I swear I will not kill anyone forgets reform the t800 reinvents himself I need your clothes your boots and your motorcycle or at least get reprogrammed by future John Connor.

2. Darth Vader

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in

Star Wars Episode six Return of the Jedi I assure you lord Vader my men are working as fast as they can perhaps I can find new ways to move Vader tortured us for almost three full movies so it's easy to forget that this iconic sci-fi character redeems himself at the end two unwise two more your defenses the man once known as anakin skywalker was one of the most evil beings in the universe after he turned to the dark side you don't know the power of the dark side I must obey Him I must but salvation comes when he saves his son Luke from the Emperor's wrath for refusing to join the Galactic Empire Darth Vader has a literal and figurative character reveal when he's unmasked to look his son in the eyes one final time go my son please be it no you're coming with me I'll not leave you here I've got to save you already yeah before we reveal our top pick here are some honorable mentions now if I ever I mean if I ever see you here again you got just like you know this true stuff is pretty cool I love my son you'd be out here no time hey not get off squirt you gotta be strong you have to take care of Manfred and said especially SID.

3. The Grinch

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in

Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas yes, down eyes and a half-fish hi I'll keep it all the Grinch's epiphany in the movie adaptation of this dr. Seuss classic isn't too different from the famous children's storybook it's based on oh that's really a miserable creature that hates Christmas skills the

Gifts of lovable townspeople but has a change of heart when he hears the pleasant sounds of them caroling fine the sounded merry but it was merry very every who down in Whoville the tall and the small was singing without any presents at all in fact his heart grows three sizes and his new spirit allows him to perform feats of physical strength

He even apologizes to the town and a good time is had by all cheer up dude that's Christmas now that's a bad guy gone good Merry Christmas Mr. Grinch.

4. Severus Snape the Harry

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in

Potter franchise how dare you to stand where he stood to tell them how it happened that night tell them how you looked him in the eye a man who trusted you and killed him tell he's a complex character throughout the franchise but with his dark brooding behavior and hostility towards young Harry Snape's certainly no Care Bear should anyone student or staff attempt to aid Mr. Potter they will be punished in a manner consistent with the severity of their transgression going back and forth from a potential hero to a shady antagonist it's unclear what's driving Snape when he does things like kill Harry's friend Dumbledore and work with his supposed sworn enemy

He-who-must-not-be-named it answers to you and you only do it however somehow, in the end, his motives turn out to be completely Noble protective and well-intentioned you have your mother's eyes they want to spend a little quality time with the Grinch I guess I could use a little social interaction.

5. felonious GRU Despicable Me I

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in

Polonius grew is definitely the no good guy when we meet him in fact he's pretty despicable next we are going to steal he's no better when he somehow finds a way to fake adopt three orphan girls to serve his nefarious motives it's like my heart is a tooth in this got a cavity that can only be filled with children and even when he warms to them he maintains his villainous ways you need as a bedtime story no pretty please the physical appearance of the please makes no difference but it's rescuing them from another villain that really melts his heart and puts his actions into perspective oh no and it is the worst mistake I ever made.

6. Evany czar Scrooge

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in

A Christmas carol among the many adaptations since this Christmas classic was first written proof that it is one enduring and universal story any Christmas Christmas in your own way and leave me to keep it in mind whether told in black and white or with Bill Murray at the helm have them change his locks clean out his desk and toss him out of the village oh he's fired it's Christmas thank you

The idea of a bad guy learning from his misdeeds will always delight audiences as a schoolboy in this Charles Dickens novel adaptation all it took for Scrooge to see the light was some soul-searching into his past present and future to reform from being a stingy Grouch overnight and everyone is made the better for it a Merry Christmas Ebenezer and a Happy New Year as if you deserved it.

7. dr. Otto Octavius Doctor Octopus

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in

Spider-man I want you to find your friend spider-man tell him to meet me at the West Side Tower three o'clock I don't know where he finds him I'll peel the flesh of her bone he kills his own wife and a medical crew robs a bank throws a car at Peter Parker and tries to run a commuter train off its tracks you have a train to catch

But somewhere in there is dr. Otto Octavius a good scientist with a conscience the Otto deep down is what saves the day when he musters the will from within to drown himself his dreams and his tragic regrets with the fusion reactor he fought so valiantly for I will not die a monster.

8. Megamind

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in

I'm the bad guy I don't save the day I don't fly off into the sunset and I don't get the girl the dastardly mega Minds defeat of his arch-nemesis his creation and corruption of a new hero
and the incidental endangerment of his love interest

Almost wasn't enough to make this villain change his ways in order to stop me you need to find me first Metro Baja but when he finally does come around he makes a grandiose public spectacle of the new leaf he's turned the way every supervillain turned superhero should I am sorry way to go mega mind think about bad guys they always lose.

9. Francis X Hummel

Top 9 Bad Guys Gone Good in

The rock you have any concern for the lives of your men you will order them to safety their weapons and place them on the deck Frank Hummel's renegade Marines put the Pentagon and FBI under the gun by threatening San Francisco with stolen weapons and killing their Navy SEALs you refuse payment I launched the gas you've got 40 hours till noonday after tomorrow to arrange transfer of the money I am aware of your countermeasure you know and I know it doesn't stand a chance

Hummel from Alcatraz out but when he eventually launches one of the Rockets we fear he might it lands in the ocean because he wouldn't or couldn't really kill civilians this mission was based on the threat of force I'm not about to kill 80,000 innocent people do you think I'm out of my mind

However, Kaos still ensues and Hummel gives up the last rocket with his dying breath finally taking responsibility for his actions where's the last rocket blow Elias Borah lighthouse go better late than never.

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