Top 10 Romance Anime Movies You Need to Watch

Top 10 Romance Anime Movies You Need to Watch

Top 10 Romance Anime Movies You Need to Watch : Everyone needs their dose of love and romance especially in trying times like these so for this edition of we'll be going through 10 of the best romantic anime films.

Top 10 Romance Anime Movies You Need to Watch

10. 5 centimeters per second 

Romance Anime Movies You Need to

Long-distance relationships are complicated I've never been in one myself but I can imagine how it feels being so far away from your loved one for such a long period of time at times you struggle to make it work but most of the time circumstances seem to tear you apart and make it seem like you just weren't meant to be together I just painted a pretty pessimistic picture there didn't I that's exactly the core premise of the film five centimeters per second the movie tells the story of two childhood friends who tried to keep their relationship going through life's changes we're treated to seeing their relationship develop despite being torn away from each other in a drama that examines the harsh realities of having a long-distance relationship it's a slow melodrama in the literal sense of the word and the movie really have its way with pulling the heartstrings I really like how to love and relationships get portrayed in this film and at first I didn't expect that i'd feel emotions along with these characters that i've only known for a  little over an hour or two as with any other shinkai led product the animation and the background art are just astounding and are the things to watch this movie for by themselves from one renowned film name.

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9. Whisper of the heart

Romance Anime Movies You Need to

There are several things that Shizuku Itsukushima likes among them is the hobby of reading books which is what leads her to notice that her favorite books are being checked out by a person named Seiji amassava naturally curiosity strikes and she decides to seek the boy out along the way she encounters a cat named the baron and finally gets to know Seiji in contrast to the driven boy Shizuku doesn't really have much in mind for the future will a fated meeting with the boy cause her to slowly find her purpose in life now that's quite a surprise from ghibli if you were to ask me when we look at it a lot of Ghibli films tend to be whimsical and fantastical adventures you know something magical if you were to put it simply in contrast whisper of the heart seems to be a lot more grounded in the reality that's not to say that the fantastical elements are absent but the realistic dimensions really do their part in giving the movie  an alternative angle to view things from pretty much everything else you've come to expect from sheebly's in this film and those include detailed art a moving plot and more intricate stuff such as psychology and expression that we've come to like

8. The anthem of the heart

Romance Anime Movies You Need to

This next film could be something that you can relate to as I've already said anthem of the hearts premise is about the internal struggle about expressing yourself if you're someone who's had as rough of early childhood as the self-blaming jun Naruse expressing your honest thoughts can certainly cause some issues it was so bad that she grew up bearing a curse from a fairy egg that prevents her from speaking up quite literally worse yet the high schooler jun gets thrust into a musical which she strongly rejects until she hears the singing of schoolmate sakagami besides the aforementioned themes I can relate to I also have the pleasure of watching this film at a premiere screening so the film does carry a special place in my heart now biases aside I think that the film does a lot of things well it may not be as dramatic or romantic as some of the other movies that we'll be seeing down the line on this list but it develops its drama quite nicely and is well-paced the characters are likable and it also shows the nice concept of growth marked by the loss of childlike innocence and coming face to face with the reality concerning people around you i won't say anthem of the heart is a masterpiece or anything like that but i honestly think that this film is quite overlooked so do yourself a favor and watch this underrated movie we've got some more ghibli coming your way.

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7. Castle in the sky

Romance Anime Movies You Need to

Now with castle in the sky it sometimes feels that love just emerges from a thrilling adventure one that goes beyond the borders of what humans typically experience adversity builds love and finding that special person when you're in a pinch seems to be becoming more and more common well in castle in the sky our protagonist shita finds herself the target of government agents seeking her amulet a pirate attack on the ship she's held captive in opens the doors to meeting pazu a boy looking to reach laputa the legendary castle in the sky together they decide to embark on a big journey to reach that castle but it's not without its troubles the government agents are still hot on their trail and they also have a desire to reach la butter for their own selfish purposes thus a wild chase and an adventure that takes you beyond the sky's commences i don't blame you if you're getting some serious last exile vibes with this movie castle in the sky is the first film produced by ghibli and you can see a style that they've somehow deviated from in favor.

Of the more magical and fantastic tales that most kids have grown to love, you can clearly see this as the movie where the studio is still finding its way and establishing a foundation for their future films which I think are mostly better nonetheless castle in the sky tells an exciting story of adventure and romance that I think you should definitely watch.

6. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Romance Anime Movies You Need to

In the bright eyes of a teenager growing up can be a chore a drag or whatever unpleasant thing can be used to describe it you suddenly find yourself saddled with responsibilities and seeming pressure from the world to pick a path to take for the future well if only you have the ability to travel through time and fix things it wouldn't have been that big a problem right now this all seems to be too good to be true for Makoto who finding herself at a crossroads in her life stumbles upon the power to literally leap through time at first she uses the powerful mundane things you know like to avoid getting late getting perfect grades or experiencing fun moments again but who would be satisfied by those how about altering love confessions and things like that Makoto soon learns that meddling with the past can have some far-reaching consequences and that her leaps are actually limited as Homura can spend eternity telling you moving across time is far more complicated than it seems at first. the message of the film is simple but the themes hit hard especially if you're someone who has some reservations about the present and the future.

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5. Weathering with you

Romance Anime Movies You Need to

Also by Makoto Shinkai to what length are you willing to go for love, I think that one question is the main theme tying together the second Shinkai film on our list today weathering with you in weathering with you Tokyo finds itself assailed by never-ending the reign this is the city that runaway student hodaka arrives at struggling to find a meaning of sustaining himself hodaka takes on a job as a member of a news publisher and sets off to tackle the legend of the sunshine girl a legendary person who can temporarily clear the skies doesn't take too long for him to find the sunshine girl in the form of Hina amano a girl who can call out the sun through prayer things seem to be going well for the two of them but as fate would have it. Hina is more than what she seems and her powers come at a hefty price that will change not only the couple's lives but the fate of Tokyo forever.

4.  Howl's Moving Castle

Romance Anime Movies You Need to

Here are another castle-related film and I think that it's at this point that ghibli has already evolved into the anime movie juggernaut that fans love today he's moving castle sure gives off that Disney energy that gave Miyazaki his nickname it tells of the titular castle where the powerful wizard lives in an object of the myth he makes his presence felt to sophie however this encounter causes the witch of the waste to lay a curse on Sophie turning her into an old woman in a bid to bring her back to her normal self Sophie seeks the power of the wizard and his companions but he has more than his hands full in the background  as the war threatens to erupt and tear the world apart while the main theme of the movie is howe's relationship with Sophie the film also has some pacifist messages embedded in it too there's a lot of detail and storylines to follow and while it leads to a narrative that can seem scattered and out of focus at times it also leads to the amazing possibility of the audience finding something new with every watch of this movie this film often gets compared to spirited away and while I maintain that the former is the more enjoyable film howl's moving castle is right up there with the studio's masterpieces.

3. The Garden of words

Romance Anime Movies You Need to

In the third Shinkai work on the listed garden of words two people feeling lost and directionless in life come across each other as they develop a relationship with each other you see that they learn to stand up and find a purpose in life a true tried and tested formula that several directors and anime studios have taken a crack at uniquely enough our stars this time are two people with a rather big age gap aspiring shoemaker dekal akizuki spends his time pursuing his passion in a garden the boorish monotony of ordinary life doesn't interest him and this is where he meets 27-year-old Yukari Yukino a woman who somehow has the same dilemma as him with her struggling to fit in with adult society getting to know each other the two of them find out that they're able to help and lift each other's spirits up by talking and being with each other however that's not the end to their problems and the question remains whether their relationship will be strong enough to be the true path for them to find their inner peace i think the garden of words could have just been better with a longer running time it may just be me but with a little over 40 minutes of running time a romance like this would fall short in some developments it's not like.

I think the garden of words could have just been better with a longer running time it may just be me but with a little over 40 minutes of running time a romance like this would fall short in some developments it's not like this is a whimsical tale with magic and fantasy-like half of the previous movies on the list but it's a piece of art that will pull your heartstrings with impressive visual expression even with its short runtime this movie is definitely an enjoyable watch for what it is second place is one hell of a tearjerker

2. Hotarubi no Mori

Romance Anime Movies You Need to

Movie Hotarubi no Mori at times it seems to be cruel right the fact that love often comes with clauses and all these restrictions that put everything into the hard mode you can't do this you can't do that you have to do this you have to do that and so on yeah I know that feeling exactly intrigued by legends like most young girls here Hotaru loses her way in an ancient forest luckily for her she gets saved by a mysterious masked boy named jin leads her out of the forest and on the way she finds out that she can't touch the boy otherwise he's gonna disappear despite all the odds the two eventually grow close together and Hotaru ends up visiting jin every summer however their relationship gets put to the test once and for all as the no-touch rule starts becoming tougher to keep for the two of them Hotarubi no Mori is a short movie clocking in at just around 45 minutes however with the limited time it has it makes full use of it and comes up with a romantic movie full of tragedy and drama i think it's one of the best tearjerker anime movies out there it also has one of the most complete depictions of forbidden love that i know off the top of my head it's a joy to watch the two main characters grow closer and it certainly made me emotional to see how the rules threaten to tear them apart forever.

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1. Your Name

Romance Anime Movies You Need to

Just who hasn't heard of one anime movie that helped anime burst further into mainstream receiving almost unanimous acclaim I think that your name is a shoo-in as an entry to the list and it's not unimaginable for it to be at the very top if not the top three probably one of the most influential anime movies of the past years your name truly deserves all the accolades and praise for those who've yet to watch the film it starts off with being your typical body swap shenanigans city boy Taki and Itamori girl Mitsuha somehow obtain the ability to swap bodies with each other as you expect comedy ensues as the two use each other's bodies in order to experience new things and leave messages of frustration for the other things soon to come grinding to a halt when the swapping phenomenon stops leaving daki to go on a wild chase to look for the girl that he'd come to know quite well however the road to Itamori is one filled with a shocking revelation after another and Taki soon finds himself and tangled in the webs of a love that transcends time what more needs to be said the movie is pretty much everything that you want from a film of this genre the comedy segments work well with the dramatic. Seeing you next time with some more anime goodness.

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