Hive Social Is a New Social Media App

There is a new piece of information about social media applications that have just emerged from nowhere just starting to get popular on Twitter and a lot of people are talking about it but it is a new social media app similar to Twitter and Instagram which um is increasing in popularity nowadays.

Hive Social Is a New Social Media App

Hive Social Is a New Social Media

A lot of people's downloading it trying to get something new a new social media and then a lot of people is skeptical about it they don't know if they want to download it or not because they don't want another social media app to add to their phone and junk because you know Twitter and Instagram and tick-tock is bad enough as it is but yeah to keep it simple it's really just if Instagram and Twitter had a baby um that's just the only simple way of putting it has the same layout as Instagram I believe yeah it's just a child of Instagram and Twitter.

The reason, why I think this is worth talking about, is that there's a new social media app which basically takes the user experience of Twitter the ease of access and thought behind Facebook groups where you're only part of something where the topic actually interests you combine them together into this really neat user-friendly app now the new app in case you're wondering is called hive and that's what we're going to talk about.

What is a Hive?

Hive also allows users to play games. Hive also mentioned that it will help you with a feature that allows you to save contacts on the Hive. Apart from that, Hive also provides entertainment information facilities as well as Hivemoticon.

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