Ways To Gain Clients For An Insurance Business

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If you are not getting new clients, then on this occasion allow me to provide a little information to get clients You can follow the five methods below to get clients for anything insurance business I used several these ways and I'm going to share with you, and I'ma sharing with you right now so don't go anywhere. Ways To Gain Clients For An Insurance Business.

Ways To Gain Clients For An Insurance Business

1. Face to face networking there are several other ways I believe that every way is actually going to get better. so face to face networking what I'm talking about is there are a lot of local things that you can do that you can help. so like for instance a lot of PNC agencies will network with car lots or take my popcorn or whatever so that they refer their business all right. 

There are chambers you can create your own networking group my father created his own networking group, a few years ago he gets referrals weekly because of that specific group and the networking that takes part in. that. even if they're not looking for coverage just beginning out in networking and meeting with people let other people know that yours it lets me. know that you're serious about this business, and that you will be here a very long time and it publicly puts attention on you that I'm no fly-by-night insurance agent I'm not part of the nine ninety-two percent I'm part of the eight percent and face to face networking is a great way to get brand recognition to meet people to network with people. go to Burt's talking about right now about a top twenty-five you need a top twenty-five that you can network within your market across the country whatever and face to face networking even though old fashion can still work so don't forget about the opportunities that come from actually getting out and face to face networking.

2. Cold calling now you can use this you could say that we're talking about cold calling in door-knocking, you could say cold calling as in actually making calls you could talk about the consumer. you could talk about businesses going B to B K or B to C, that's a way that a lot of insurance agents have built their agencies their companies the brands when I was a brand-new agent. 

I used to bring over three to five college kids over to my office every Monday night we would call from about 5:30 to 8:30 about three hours every Monday night and we would call for life insurance and I would walk out of there with eight twelve sixteen sometimes even twenty appointments and my whole week was booked up because I was leveraging cold calling to gain clients now I bet fifty-sixty percent didn't keep.

The appointment but that's beside the point it was an activity I was trying to gain clients I was doing it in a creative approach without spending a bunch of money cuz a lot of rent ways to succeed and cold calling even though also old-fashioned can still work you could say well you know I'm gonna also call aged leads all right if they're a couple years old that thing is probably a freaking cold call right. Now I'm going to treat it like a new lead that's what I do with the script. however, doing that can still benefit you because the whole goal is to gain clients typically activity and getting in front of people is what actually gains you clients all right.

3. Is current client referrals current client referrals don't you think about that for a second what are some creative things that you can do in your business with your clients to get more referrals is it events is it marketing is it networking is it spending time with them what does that look like your business could you do for instance here in Springfield Missouri I know some agents that just put on a massive client appreciation event.

I believe it was prodding it was like Bass Pro down the road. and had they had like 400 clients show updo you think they're gonna get referrals from that do you think they're getting repeat business from that do you think they're going to have a good retention rate with the client base because of that. so I want you to think of for a second are you sending your clients for instance are you sending them a birthday card and I'm not saying a birthday card it says hey happy birthday thanks for your business that's old school that's it's stupid and it's greedy it's selfish right I'm saying hey happy birthday Betty back in 1942 when you were born you could buy a coke for five cents today it may cost you a dollar so have a coke on me and throw a dollar bill in the freaking envelope or the freaking car didn't say happy birthday don't mention your business right you can drop a business card in there if you want but it isn't about that it's about the focus not you focused right. 

So that's one way also, I used to send I used to send newsletters every single month it was a physical newsletter it was probably about this size all right and I would have I would have recipes I would have new updates I would do trivia where. if you call him you get a gift card if you refer somebody you know I may give you something right I would release a new product I would talk about I would show a picture of me and my wife maybe you know our dog or whatever right and it would be a way for me to create this relationship with him this custom bond I'm not gonna leave this dude because he's stepping outside the box and he's here and he's relevant and he's in front of me and he's serious.

So I would send out monthly newsletters I'll get to where I was sitting out 5 or 600 of those Rihan writing them every frickin month. and when I and when you're when they're first doing business with you are you sending them a thank-you card, and get creative with a thank-you card don't be flipping boring like everybody else. so get creative with that are you asking for referrals are you doing events right that most of your clients suppose there's a statistic out there that says that every one of your clients is worth five to six referrals and you don't even know it. if that's true are we actually asking for referrals, so that's another one, client referrals the next one is we're going to move into more 2021 and beyond, online marketing what are you doing.

4. Online marketing-wise, we're doing our best to build a brand and help agents and get attention in the marketplace what are you doing in your local market to get attention. Are you doing some online marketing are you running some ads in your area or you build-up do you have a website are you present on the line do you have a website, then some of this is going to be like super elementary but the average age of insurance agents 59 and a half and most don't have this stuff. the website do you have a Facebook page do you have a LinkedIn, do you have an Instagram, do you have a YouTube where your clients are putting up testimonials do you have are you doing online marketing and are you or are you or when someone so that the point is when someone if someone were to ever search for you what would they find do it yourself go to Google right now search yourself search your name what would they find does it create a good first impression a bad first the impression is your Facebook page you have a bunch of stuff that shouldn't I don't know right at the end of the day.

You need to be present online our world is shifting that way you need to be present on online marketing is a great way to be present online you need to be especially in your local market, you got to be present. the that what is what does Cardone say if I don't know you can't flow you. online marketing is a good way to do that the fifth way, are you can buy leads right if you don't get enough from networking cold-calling referrals marketing etc you can actually buy leads from someone. if you mention that Cody mentioned 

5. Buying leads on that video from January the 8th of 2021. deal how big of a deal should we do maybe five bucks off the regular price per lead that's a big discount by the way because our leads don't cost that much. five bucks off is a big percentage all right five bucks off if you actually call in and take advantage right away what we'll do is we'll do it you know what we make a pit once we get to about probably 40 people are so which I could see happening pretty quick but you know what call then try that eight three three-four zero two four three six-eight. alright so who are you buying leads from that's a valid way of how you could gain clients every single week the topmost successful agents in our industry are doing this weekly I know an insurance agent right now that I just spoke to recently that I'm coaching that's spending 1,000 to $2,000 per week on leads and when you buy leads quit complain they don't work and just remember that maybe you don't work. and it may not always be the leads and typically it isn't a lead is only as valuable as the hands that they're put in.

So when someone puts leads in your hands how valuable are they alright so remember that when you're going out and you're looking at gaining clients that none of this matters. none of this matters if you don't actually, sit down with people every single week you're looking to help people you have to when I would only the reason I was successful if you're a new agent, you're watching the only reason I was successful my very first year it is in the insurance business as I said I'm gonna sit down with 10 people every single week and if I do that I'll be successful. so I did whatever it took cold door-knocking cold calling leads warm market etc I did whatever it took to get in front of people and I always sat with tin and when I sat with ten I made a couple grand a week whoop-dee-doo I didn't even know how to spell insurance I wasn't good at sales I you know I had no experience etc the whole goal to gain clients is to get in front of people. Well maybe that's just a little information from us, I hope this information is useful for you, thank you.

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